Sunday, January 24, 2016

Should People Attend College?

I believe that it is important for students to attend college because having a college degree would give you an advantage in a professional career and will open more doors for you.

Knowing that you can still achieve a state of importance while not attending college may seem comforting to some, while others would like to get the hands on experience of going to college and getting a bachelors or masters degree some might even wish to go to college at a  later time.On the other hand college may be expensive and a place that no one else in the family has been to.

#1 colleges in each state trughout the USA
I personally believe that people should have their own choice of if they want to go to college.  There are many factors to say people should and shouldn’t be forced to go to college, but if people aren’t going to college,can’t afford it,or have such bad grades they don’t get accepted.  They might consider  going to trade school where they will learn marketing skills at a much lower cost.

The colleges that I would like to be accepted into include Cornell University,North Carolina State  University, University of Georgia,and  Oregon State University because all of the listed schools have an amazing veterinarian programs. By definition a  veterinarian is a person qualified to treat diseased or injured animals. I would like to become a vet  because I get to help animals on a daily basis,earn a good salary, and have a lifetime of learning.

I would also like to study business. Although business isn’t my first choice, I would love to be admitted into Rutgers University, since Rutgers has a good  business school. If you Google “best business school in tri-state area”  none other than Rutgers Business School pops up.

Even though,I have a couple years until I have to make the decision for what college I want to go to, I still think about it. Education is a big part of your life. Most  likely people want someone with experience in the field  that they are hiring in. In business and veterinary career people are always learning new things everyday.

Also not to mention that people who go to college and get a degree tend to get more money than people who don't go to college at all.

Challenge:If you could go to any college which would you go to and what major would you choose?

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Is Smoking Ok?

Is it okay to smoke?

There has been debate about if smoking is okay. I believe that smoking is bad for your health and that something should be done to help people stop. The problem with shutting down the tobacco industry is that many jobs would be cut and that would be bad for many people. It may be hard  to just quit smoking but you can achieve anything you put you mind to. You hold the cigarette in you hand and choose to light it: with lighting it you have a higher  risk of... cancer(lung,mouth,kidney,pancreas,bladder,throat,esophagus),cataracts & loss of eyesight,periodontal disease (Gums,breath,teeth),Atherosclerosis(Coronary Artery Disease),rheumatoid arthritis,reduced fertility(impotence erectile dysfunction),ulcers,asthma,ageing & facial wrinkles, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(emphysema,bronchitis),cardiovascular disease (coronary thrombosis,heart attack,cerebral thrombosis,stroke,high blood pressure), reduced life expectancy, and many more.I  think that is  enough to not make you not want to smoke but sadly people still smoke as they think it will add to their image. You can find many bad things about tobacco but it doesn't seem to stop people from smoking. Know the message is becoming clear... don't smoke! Many people are stooping and if you or a loved one smokes you should stop too. The company Truth has released videos and is still pushing people to stop smoking. It includes emotional appeal as well as a direct message you may have seen it on T.V. but many people have made covers so everyone can see the video. Although many commercials show graphic images of what people look like on the inside and outside, this video has caught the eyes of many people to realize smoking is bad for you. So overall I would say smoking is bad for you and that people shouldn't smoke. But, people do and it is a choice they make. It is in the constitution that you have the rights to do so as you please but i hope if someone asks you for a smoke you say no.

I challenge you to go too and X your profile!(I did!)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Is it okay to lie?

Have you ever lied? Chance's are that you have at least once, whether it is about something you got, how someone looked, or any other way you have probably lied at least once. I believe that people shouldn't lie even thought people lie know this is why I believe you should tell the truth the person will find out sooner or later, telling the truth can save someone from getting hurt or bullied, and also by telling the truth you can live without having to worry about getting in trouble.

The person will find out sooner or later either by word of mouth, because you told someone or that someone saw you chances are small but likely for you to get caught. Doesn't mean you should do it. 

Next is the fact the person will find out sooner or later so why lie if they are going to  find out what is the point to it for example, if you grandma makes you a sweater with your faces on it that say together forever and she tells you she spent a whole three days on it chances are that you will tell her that you love it and that you will wear it all the time she is going to get suspicious and make the assumption that you don't like it and she will ask you why you don't wear it and if you really do like it.

Finally is the fact that you are going to find out that you are going to get in more trouble if you lie about what you said to the person than if you told them that you did in the first place for example if your Mom asks you what happened to her chocolate bar that she paid three dollars for that candy bar you may think  that she is going to get really mad at you so you lie and said that your younger brother ate it. You would want to tell your mom that is was your fault and that you just got hungry so you ate it and you didn't know that it was her she would be happier than if you lied to he and blamed it on your younger brother. 

 Challenge: My challenge for you is that I want you to tell me if you have ever lied, when you lied, what it is about, and do you think it is okay to lie.